Website & Email Hosting

Looking for a home for your website? Look no further. Our affordable web hosting services are fast, reliable and secure, so your site loads up quickly and your data is safe. And we offer complete flexibility, so as your needs change, your web hosting package can grow with you.

Website and email hosting

Web hosting is the business of housing, providing a server for and maintaining the files for your website and your email accounts.

Suma Design offers several website and email hosting packages starting at just £100 per year. We also offer high capacity mailboxes and an Exchange Mailbox service.

Free subdomains

And for those forward looking businesses who wish to keep their clients up to date with all the latest news, we offer free subdomains for your company blog with every hosting package. So you can add a blog on to your existing web hosting package absolutely free. And whilst your blog is a stand alone site in its own right, it will echo the identity of your main website, re-enforcing your branding and further establishing your online presence. What could be better?

Easy email forwarding

Our hosting packages also include an email forwarding service, so if you have several email addresses but only want to have to access one mailbox, then Suma Design can forward all your emails to the one place, making life easy and saving you time.

How long does it take?

If you have registered your domain name and would like to host your new website with us, or have an existing website which you would like to transfer to our hosting, the registration or transfer process usually takes around 24 hours to complete with the same time frame applying to email setup or transfer too.

Call us today

If you would like to know more about our website, blog and email hosting packages or would like to transfer to Suma web hosting, please call us on 01772 378 515.